Michael, Andrew, and little sister Abby love to set up lemonade stands for good causes.

“Every now and then, the kids like to do one for free — as they like to say, ‘Just to spread love and kindness.’ Well, after the holidays and before school started up again, we did one to spread holiday cheer. And as always, doing something for others usually inspires them to do the same, so the donations came anyway. The boys decided to donate the proceeds to the Coalition, a first-time recipient of one of our sticky-but-delicious sidewalk stands. As Andrew said in his note to the Coalition, ‘I hope it’s enough!’ Probably not, but every little bit does make a difference, in more ways than one.”

Of course it’s enough! Every gift truly does make a difference, and a gift given with this much heart means the world to us. Thank you, Michael, Andrew, and Abby!

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