ORLANDO, FLORIDA (September 9, 2015) – Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida is excited to announce two generous matching gifts that will help change the lives of homeless veterans.

Matt Morgan, attorney at Morgan & Morgan PA, recently offered a $25,000 gift in support of the Coalition’s successful Veteran Services Program with one condition: the community must match the gift by Veterans Day, November 11. Upon hearing of his pledge, his parents Ultima and John Morgan stepped up with a second $25,000 matching gift of their own.

With more than 400 homeless veterans recently counted in Central Florida, the Coalition hopes the community will rally around this important cause and meet the Morgans’ challenge. After all, if the $50,000 is matched, there is $100,000 on the line.

Brent Trotter, President/CEO of the Coalition, says, “I love seeing prominent members of our community stepping up to embrace a cause. The men who’ve risked their lives to protect our freedom and our homes should never be homeless. A matching campaign of this magnitude, with a family like the Morgans involved, is an absolute win for our organization, for these men, and for the Veteran Services Program.”

This isn’t the first time the Morgan family has invested in the Coalition’s Men’s Service Center (MSC). In 2014, they showed their support for homeless men by sponsoring daily breakfasts in the newly opened building. Since June 25, 2014, the residential facility, which houses 250 men at any given time, has helped 208 men move into permanent housing. 63 of those men are veterans, a group close to the hearts of the Morgan family.

“In our practice, we often see veterans giving their lives to our country, only to come back with a variety of health issues. Whether it’s PTSD, depression, hearing loss, or other physical injuries, these issues can ultimately cause them to fall on tough times.  We want to be there to help them get back on their feet,” says Matt.

Veterans at the Coalition are assigned case managers who specialize in meeting their specific needs. On-site, these brave men have access to programs and services, such as counseling and job skills training, to help them return to lives of self-sufficiency. In addition, they have access to a wealth of support from community partners, including housing assistance from the VA, a veterans employment group from Workforce Central Florida, and veterans therapy from Veterans Serving Veterans.

“With 63 men who’ve served our country now in homes, I am proud of the Coalition’s role in ending veteran homelessness,” says Trotter. “Being able to provide veterans with crucial programs and services was a longtime dream of this organization. For over a year now, that dream has been a reality, and we couldn’t be more proud of the results or more hopeful for the future of the program.”

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