What would you do if you had everything and, within a few months, lost it all?

That’s the question Elisha had to face right before he came to the Men’s Service Center (MSC) at the Coalition. He had everything going for him, a Master’s Degree in Finance, a high-paying job as a Regional Manager and an apartment – all until everything came crashing to a halt.

Six months before he came to the Coalition, his company was bought out by a private equity firm and the new management decided to downsize and restructure. They got rid of his department and hired people right out of college, with less experience, to cut down on costs.

For many, getting laid off from a job can be devastating and, in Elisha’s case, it came at the worst time possible.

“At that time, I had just taken out all of my savings to help my mom with a down payment for her house,” he says. “I paid her mortgage and all of her bills for the next year and a half. After I got laid off, I said to myself, ‘Well, that’s it, I’m empty.’ I had to give up my apartment, so I packed up my bags and stayed at an extended stay hotel for a while.”

Shortly after he moved to the hotel, Elisha’s room was broken into and all of his dress clothes and personal possessions were stolen. They took everything and he was left with the clothes on his back.

“That’s when the downward spiral began because I was without interview clothes and, even though I had a car, there was no way I could even get my foot in the door without proper attire. I saw jobs that I could have gotten and actually been over-qualified for, but had no clothes to wear. I didn’t have the layers of insulation to fall back on, like friends or family, to help me ride out the storm. Ending up homeless can happen just like that,” Elisha recalls.

With the little bit of money that he had and no job prospects, Elisha was struggling as he saw his life get out of control. He was quickly running out of options and made the decision to stay at the Men’s Service Center.

“I never thought I would be in a place like this, but you just have to trust the process and believe that God has a plan. You go with that and keep going,” he says.

For months, he was working as a driver for a local transportation company and kept job hunting and going on interviews. His case manager, Malik Brown, helped him get interview clothing and kept encouraging him to push ahead.

“It’s one thing to witness his struggles, but to actually see him overcome them, one by one, with a humble outlook is inspiring to me. His determination made any help I could afford him, truly worth the call of my duties,” says Brown.

All of his hard work and dedication paid off when he finally got a call from a company saying that he got the job. Today, he is proud to report that he’s back to work in his profession and has saved enough money to move into an apartment.

Because of your support, Elisha is able to rebuild his life and get back to his career. Thank you for being part of his story.

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