For Holli, being at the Coalition has been an opportunity to start over and live her new life to the fullest.

This positive and vibrant woman is unrecognizable from the person who arrived at the Center for Women and Families four months ago.

Holli’s downward spiral began when both of her parents passed away. For the past 15 years, she’d lived with and cared for them, and suddenly, she found herself alone. Devastated and unable to afford the mortgage on her own, she was forced to sell the house and downsize to an apartment.

“After my parents were gone, I felt like I had lost the will to live. I was in bed severely depressed for seven months. I found part-time jobs, but then would have panic attacks and couldn’t go back to work,” she says.

Without a stable income, she could no longer afford her apartment. So, she moved from one friend’s house to another until she ran out of options.

“I had nowhere else to go, so I became homeless and slept in my car at Walmart for six months,” she recalls. “Then my car was stolen and was sold for parts. My anxiety and depression worsened, and I put myself in the hospital for suicidal depression. Looking back, that was the day that saved my life.”

The hospital referred Holli to the Coalition, where she found stability through the help of her case manager. “Since I’ve arrived here, I’ve felt grounded and supported,” she says. “Everything is taking off and I’m starting to get my life back again.”

She is currently enrolled in GED classes at the on-site Orange County Public Schools classroom and hopes to turn her hobbies of photography and writing into a career. “As soon as I get up in the morning, I want to go outside and take pictures. My addiction is editing. I like using the filters and making them into art.”

Holli was recently approved for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and will be moving into housing in the upcoming months. “I’m glad that I’m moving in a direction that I can be proud of. My life is not great right now, but it’s getting better.”

Thank you for being part of Holli’s story. Your support is helping her regain stability and find her way home.

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