Before Lattanya came to the Coalition, she was homeless and struggling with her addiction to drugs. For thirty years, her life was focused on surviving the brutal reality of being a woman living on the streets.

“There was a time when I was asked to do degrading things just so I could sleep on a guy’s couch for the night,” she says. “They don’t tell you those things up front. I wanted a safe place to lay my head down, and there was a price for that. That was a turning point for me. I knew that I had to do something and get off of the drugs, so no one would ever have that power over me again.”

Her brother-in-law brought her to the Coalition’s Center for Women and Families, and since that first day, she’s been determined to start over and rebuild.

“That was the day that I prayed and said, ‘God just help me. Walk this journey with me because I’m ready,’” she remembers. “I needed to get my life back together, and I knew I could do it here.”

Lattanya enrolled in the First Steps Substance Abuse Recovery Program where she was given the opportunity to work on herself with support from her peers and guidance from her case manager, Stefanie Bonilla.

“Lattanya came here with a drive and passion to succeed like I’d never seen before.  Nearly 9 months later, that drive and passion is still as strong, if not even stronger, than her first day. As her case manager, it has been a joy to watch her reclaim her life, one day at a time,” says Stefanie.

Within three months of being in the First Steps program, Lattanya graduated and now has a full-time job at a fast food restaurant.

Her next step is to further stabilize her life and find a place to live. She is working with Stefanie to search for safe, affordable housing.

“I just want somebody to give me a chance and rent me somewhere to live. I will make sure that I punch that clock every night and pay my rent. I just want to go to work, go home, lay down, and live like a productive person,” says Lattanya.

Because of your support, Lattanya has access to the crucial programs and services that will help her find her way home. Thank you for being part of her story.

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