Michael, a client in our First Steps substance abuse program, battled an alcohol addiction after his parents passed away within a year of each other and he separated from his wife. He has always dreamed of becoming a chef, so he applied for grants to pay for culinary school.

“I graduated with honors from the National Technical Honor Society, 3.9 GPA. So it looks great on my resume.

Now I’ve got the opportunity to keep building my savings, working at my discretion, and then spend other days pursuing full-time career type jobs. I had my first interview yesterday.

It went well. I had a good rapport with the chefs. It was my first really big interview. I interviewed with the executive chef and the head of the garde manger, who would be considered the executive sous chef. It was somewhat intimidating but once we started talking about food, I have such a passion for it, it broke the ice. I felt comfortable. It gave me good experience. It was two chefs; that was a good sign right there that I went to the second chef. There’s two other people besides me that they’re considering. So I’ll hear at the end of the week.

This week is going to be a big week for me. The big thing this week is, I finally have everything in place to feel comfortable to put out a lot of applications. I’ve got my resume where I want it. I’m going to finish up a cover letter this evening.”

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